Seksun Technology Thailand Co., Ltd.
Seksun Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is one the latest production facilities set up in 2005
The facility is located in Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya, 100km north of Bangkok serving customers in the Hard Disc drives, Consumers electronics and automotive industries. 
Seksun Thailand was incorporated in : 28th July 2005 and has a production floor area of 16,497 sqm
Seksun Thailand is one of the biggest HDD cover supplier for Seagate.  Although Thailand site is only 15  years into manufacturing, our experience actually starts from Singapore with many of our experienced Singapore staff being relocated over here.
Since then, Seksun Thailand has built up a team of experienced workforce that are well equipped to meet stringent customer requirement
We strive to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction. 
We deliver Products and Services that meet all relevant requirements on time and by doing right the first time. We continue to review and improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to keep abreast with current technology and competitive edges.
Our Facilities and Services include:
Production, Engineering Capabilities 
Stamping Presses ranging from 160 tons to 300 tons 
Surface Finishing 
●Aluminium Etching 
●Stainless Steel Passivation 
●Electroless Nickel Plating 
●Class 100/1000 Cleanroom 
●Cleanroom Mechanical Assembly 
●Aqueous Washing Line
●State of the art machining capabilities
Class 100/1000 Cleanroom 
●Cleanroom Mechanical Assembly 
●Fully Automated Form-In-Place Gasket
●ISO 9001-2008
●IATF certification in  March 2020


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